Discount dates in 2017

Please Note – This is our 2017 list. Our 2018 list will replace this page soon.

We can sometimes offer discount dates to clients.

We travel all over the UK during the summer months providing “It’s A Knockout”. With three independent travelling “It’s A Knockout” shows on the road, we will have one in your area at some point!

Sometimes we have the opportunity to offer discount dates as we are travelling to or from other events.

On this page are a selection of already booked dates. if you are planning a “Knockout”, your area is within 100 miles of those listed below and your proposed date is within a day or so either side of the dates listed, please contact us for discount dates and the relevant “Show” that applies to the dates below.

April 28, Bristol/Midlands area.
May 12, Midlands/Bucks..
May 20, Wiltshire..
June 3, Wales..
June 11, Midlands..
June 13, Midlands..
June 16, Midlands.
June 18, Hampshire..
June 21, Bristol..
June 23, Bristol/Midlands & Scotland.
June 25, Midlands..
June 26, Midlands..
July 1, Wales/Midlands..
July 7, South Coast..
July 8, North England.
July 9, Truro..
July 15, Midlands..
July 15, Wales/Midlands..
June 17, Midlands..
July 28, Manchester.
July 20, Manchester/North England.
July 21, Midlands.
July 23, Midlands
July 23, Lincs.
July 29, North England.
Aug 12, Scotland..
Aug 17, Midlands..
Aug 18, Scotland..
Aug 19, Exeter.
Aug 24, Yorkshire..
Sept 2, Exeter..
Sept 9, Jersey..
Sept 10, Berkshire.
Sept 16, South Coast..
Sept 24, Cumbria..
Sept 30, Chester..

Please contact us with details of your event as other dates may be available.