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2018 It’s A Knockout Digest

Well, it’s that time of year again to look back at the previous 12 months and reflect on our 2018 It’s A Knockout year. As usual it’s been a pleasure being out on the road performing our It’s A Knockout game activities for a variety of clients and the public. As ever, we’ve been all across the UK taking our games to a variety of events such as charity fundraising, schools, festivals, town/village shows, fun days, team building, and the off party and private event.

2018 Charity Games It’s A Knockout

Whether it’s been a national charity day, a big fun day or just a small team building event we’ve enjoyed 2018, and hope that everyone who took part had Fun fun fun as well.

Of course there was that great period of dry and hot weather in the middle of the year which we will all remember. For us it happened in the middle of our “busy-busy” part of the year. It started about a week before our big Jersey charity weekender and lasted until the end of July (when the English schools break up).

Summer It's A Knockout

Summer It’s A Knockout 2018

Our it’s A knockout games are great for team building and in 2018 we’ve supplied games packages for small team building days for as little as 30 people, right up to large days where 500 have taken part.

Team Building It's A knockout

Team Building It’s A knockout

Our games are ideal for schools that want to keep a lot active simultaneously. Our largest in 2018 for 700 students in one day! (we can easily do more though)

It's A Knockout Kids Games

It’s A Knockout Kids Games

We saw a longer season than ever this year, with work through October, November and December. Indoors or outdoors, Christmas party’s, Santa Run’s, team building and more, it’s been a Knockout Year.

And we’re already looking forward to 2019. New games and inflatables are planned, and we can’t wait !!!

Santa Run 2018

Santa Run 2018

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