Covid Secure

Making Our Games Covid Secure It welcoming that much of our society has been given the opportunity to return to some definition of a new “normality”. Some sectors have been relativity unaffected, others destroyed for the foreseeable future. Whilst many use the phrase “we’re all in this together”, many have sailed the storm with the […]

Covid-19 Statement

Like everyone else in the amusement, outside events and fairground industry, we have been forced to cease operation for the present because of the Covid-19 virus. We are of course closely following and reading up on the government updated guidance. During this time we are instigating staff training, research and initiating measures that we hope […]

Discount Dates 2020

Every year we publish some discount dates on our website to aid our travelling around the UK in the summer months. This helps keep our travelling down which is one of the biggest costs we bear in providing our It’s A Knockout’s. If your date is flexible and you are with 150 miles of other […]

It’s A Knockout Roundup For 2019

Our last blog of the year is a roundup and look back at our 2019 season and the fun we had providing our It’s A knockout games up and down the UK during the past year. As you can imagine, we’ve racked up a few miles this year, touring as far north as Scotland, down […]

It’s A Knockout Teams 2019 Part 2

As our season draws to a close, we look back at some more of the teams that took part in our It’s A Knockout’s in 2019. We’ve had some great teams taking part this year. Some have turned up in fancy dress attire, some not. Although we’re always pleased to see teams all dressed up […]

It’s A Knockout Teams 2019

Fun Image blog: It’s A Knockout Teams 2019 With the 2019 season in full swing, we thought we’d share a few images of some of the teams that have taken part in our events so far this year. You’ll see from the images that some have really “gone to town” with taking part in some […]

The Mini Knockout 2019

Our Mini Knockout 2019 is a great set of games for any small team building style event. It has six colourful games, and the fun lasts about around 2 hours. It has a great mix of games and is still loads of fun, but on a smaller scale to our Bronze Show which travels on […]

Early Season News

Our 2019 season is under way and so it’s time for some Early Season News. All of our new inflatables have seen action now in our It’s A Knockout’s and we’re loving the fun they bring to our sets of games. The teams also seem to be enjoying them too ! Enquiries have really hotted […]

New Inflatables 2019

We’ve introduced some great new games and new inflatables for 2019. Some of our new inflatables are called The Black Hole, Vegetable Patch, Bubble Cube and Post Boxes. Each year we spruce up our games up with new inflatables, variations and additions to give our many returning clients a fresh feel to our games. The […]

Charity Events 2019

Want to take part in one of our 2019 fundraising charity events? Come on, you know you want to ! Every year charity and community events use our games for their days with a view of enlisting public interest to enter a team into the day. Therefore, if you represent a small group (say for […]