The Mini Knockout 2019

Our Mini Knockout 2019 is a great set of games for any small team building style event. It has six colourful games, and the fun lasts about around 2 hours. It has a great mix of games and is still loads of fun, but on a smaller scale to our Bronze Show which travels on an HGV.

The starting price for the Mini Knockout covers up to 8 teams of 8 taking part, but more can easily be added.

The Mini Knockout games arena 2019

The Mini Knockout 2019

We offer different sized sets of games because sometimes people don’t need or require a full sized It’s A Knockout games setup for an event. If you just wish for a couple of hours of activity then the Mini Knockout is ideal. Three of the games are dry, and the other three can be ran wet (or bubbly). As you can see form the top image, ideally the Mini Knockout needs about the size of three tennis courts in room.

The Mini Knockout 2019

The Mini Knockout 2019

This set of games is great for small team building days and small private events. The games are easily scale-able for adrenaline according to the type or level of teams that are taking part.

Mini Knockout 2019

Mini Knockout 2019

Please visit our Mini Knockout page of the website for more details and pictures and of course, contact us for prices.


The Mini Knockout can also be expanded to a Mini Plus version which has 8 games (covering up to 12 teams taking part). This version is an ideal super-budget priced knockout suitable for small charity fundraising days or village shows.  Also, for team building events there is the option to add five of our Wacky School Sports Day games giving a great balance of knockout and sports day games that lasts three hours.


The Kings Banquet Game

The Kings Banquet Game

For a bit of visual fun and enjoyment, watch a video of our Kings Banquet It’s A Knockout game from our Silver Show. The team in relay collect the pieces of Kings Banquet Cake for his birthday and reassemble (Velcro together) it at the end of our Maze Inflatable obstacle. It’s a great fun game, bashing and weaving back and forth through the course collecting the pieces.

There is a lucky twist at the end where we ask two of the team members to lift the completed cake aloft and deliver it back down and over the Maze Inflatable to finish the game. However, this isn’t as easy as it seems as you’ll see at the end of the video.

We like this game as it’s not set that the fastest or fittest team will win when the end-twist of delivering the cake a-loft is played out.

The Kings Banquet is just one of the eight games on a standard Silver Show Knockout. Click here to visit the page dedicated to this set of games. Plus also see our Silver Show blog article from 2018 for more pictures and info.

Remember to Contact Us for more information or if you have any questions.

Please visit our YouTube channel for more of our great It’s A Knockout videos.

Indoor Events 2018

An “It’s A Knockout” isn’t just for the warmer summer months. We can also run the games for indoor events in the colder (or off season) months as well.

We still use usual mix of inflatables and dressing up games, the only noticeable difference being that in most cases (but not all) we can’t offer the water or bubble games of outdoor days.

Indoor Events.

This means that you can use one of our It’s A Knockout games packages for an indoor charity event, team building activity day or Christmas party, come rain or shine or coldness during those colder months.

Indoor Events 2018

Indoor Events 2018


Surprisingly, there are a variety of venues that are suitable for such days. Be it indoor sports venues, sports halls, leisure centres or even barns/warehouses! Some have even given us permission to use limited amounts of water meaning that we can still run our popular bubble-type games which everybody loves.

Indoor Events 2018

Indoor Events 2018

We are used to running our It’s A knockout games format on hard standing surfaces and in indoor venues so we have extra safety matting we can bring along to make sure any trips or falls have as less of an impact as possible.

An indoor knockout games can be used for small charity events, schools, colleges, universities, team building and employee reward days, Autumn/Winter parties and yes, Christmas Parties.

Indoor Events 2018

Indoor Events 2018

More Info?

Please Contact Us if you need any help sourcing a venue for an indoor event, or if you need further details, PDF games lists or just have some questions about an indoor It’s A Knockout day. The games we use though for indoor events tend to be versions of our Mini Knockout or Bronze Show because of the size restraints and height of venues.

Please also see last years Blog It’s A Christmas Knockout Party 2017


Pilgrims Hospice Charity It's A Knockout

Pilgrim’s Hospice Charity It’s A Knockout 2018

It’s with great pleasure that we invite the public to enter teams into the Pilgrim’s Hospice Charity It’s A Knockout 2018 on Sunday May 20th. This will be the eight It’s a Knockout held by Pilgrim’s Hospices and the fourth at Government Acre Recreation Ground in Ramsgate. As you can see from the images here that were taken at last years day, it was glorious weather, and everyone had a ball of a time.

Pilgrim's Hospice Charity It's A Knockout 2018

Pilgrims Hospice Charity It’s A Knockout 2017

It’s a Knockout is a fun-tastic way to support Pilgrims Hospice and help them be there for the next family that needs them. It’s a great team builder for work colleagues, family and friends alike, with laughter and fun guaranteed. Join us for a day to remember in an impressive games arena packed full of colourful, inflatable obstacles to contend with – intriguing when they’re dry and definitely challenging when wet!

Pilgrim's Hospice Charity It's A Knockout 2018

Pilgrims Hospice Charity It’s A knockout 2017

This year we have some new games for you including a new inflatable slide game, a new bubble pit and Kangaroo sumo suits! Fancy having a go yourself? Get your fiends together and enter a team for a great fundraising day.

Event information.

You’ll need a £50 deposit to secure your team’s place and we ask that all teams pledge to raise £500 in sponsorship (just a £50 pledge per person). All team members must be aged 16 or over.

Please Contact Us for details of the day.

Pilgrim's Hospice Charity It's A Knockout 2018

Pilgrims Hospice Charity It’s A Knockout 2017

Place & Time.

Pilgrim’s Hospice Charity It’s A Knockout 2018.
Government Acre Recreation Ground,
Royal Esplanade.
Kent. CT11 9NY

Sunday May 20th 2018
Day opens 11.00am

If you can’t make this event, please visit our Events Page for more similar days where the public can enter teams.

Charity It’s A Knockout Teams 2017

Reflecting over some of the many charity events that we’ve ran this year, and after browsing through the many-many photo’s we have collected along the way. Here is a short blog showing images of just some of the charity It’s A Knockout teams from a fundraising event held in Aberdeen back in August for the Friends of Anchor charity.

charity it's a knockout teams

Charity It’s A Knockout Teams 2017

Around 60 teams took part in the fundraising event with there also being lots of other attractions and refreshment stands present for the viewing public. It’s always great when the teams come in fancy dress because not only is it funny and adds a fun visual element to the day and games, but also it helps us with the scoring of the games themselves.

charity it's a knockout teams

Aberdeen Charity It’s A Knockout Teams

We took our 12 game Gold Show to Hazlehead Park for the event and as you can see from the images, some of the teams had some great fancy dress costumes and ideas. It’s the fifth year we’ve ran the games for Friends of Anchor and it’s always been a great event and well supported affair.

chairty it's a knockout teams

Charity It’s A Knockout Teams

To see some of the great games from our Gold Show, please go to our Gold Show It’s A Knockout Page for details. The 12 games are usually ran in two half’s, with Part 1 having 6 dry games, and Part 2 having 6 wet games, there’s lots of different colourful inflatables, costumes, fun and excitement for the teams to enjoy whilst raising money for charity.

charity it's a knockout teams

Charity It’s A Knockout Teams

Please contact us if you’d like details of how our games can be used for charity fundraising events. Also remember to check out some of our earlier blogs for details of other charity ideas, events and information.

A fancy dressed team at a hospice charity day

It’s A Christmas Knockout Party 2017

An It’s A Knockout isn’t just for outside events in the “warmer” summer months, but can also be ran indoors and for example for a Knockout Christmas Party event as well. Still lots of fun, still using colourful inflatable obstacles and with dressing up games. The only thing missing is the wet/bubble games (obviously, but also read below*).

There are many indoor venues that are capable of accommodating an indoor It’s A Knockout giving a different type of Christmas party for works and also winter and indoor team building events. We can help you find a venue if you don’t have one in mind. Many can also offer food and extra entertainment, some even have accommodation on site making it excellent as part of a multi-day event.

indoor it's a knockout games for christmas party

Indoor Christmas It’s A Knockout’s

Sports halls, leisure centres, indoor sports venues (football/5-a-side/tennis/cricket), there are surprisingly quite a few around to choose from. Please let us know if you need help finding a venue.

Our main criteria for an indoor It’s A Knockout venue, is a step free access to the hall with parking directly outside the hall entrance (most have double-doors access outside), and a tall roof for our inflatables. An Astroturf surface (or similar) is also a nicer surface to play the games on.

* Earlier in this article, we said that indoor knockout’s usually can’t include the water and bubble games associated with outdoor events. However, we once ran a set of games at an indoor arena that permitted limited use of such (because they had a porous flooring) meaning that we could still run some of our bubble games.

indoor it's a knockout

Indoor It’s A Knockout

From 30 to 300 people, our games are great for an indoor Christmas It’s A Knockout event. Please browse our Packages Page to see the type of games we offer and then Contact Us to discuss which set of games best suits your requirements.


Pilgrims Hospice It's A Knockout Challenge

Fancy Dressed Charity It’s A Knockout Teams 2017

Ideas for some Fancy Dressed Charity It’s A Knockout Teams 2017.

Over the last few months our It’s A knockout shows have been travelling the UK providing great fundraising events for charity days and town shows alike. Along the way, every now-and-then, we’ve collected a few pictures of the teams that have taken part. So for a bit of fun, we’re going to share some of the great costume themes that the teams have come along as. If you’re taking part in an It’s A Knockout, use them as inspiration for your knockout day out !

fancy dressed It's A Knockout teams

Fancy dressed It’s A Knockout teams.

We love when teams come along in fancy dress. It adds colour to a day and helps us with team identification and so the scoring of the games. Examples shown here include themes such as “Super Hero’s” where the team has simply gone to eBay or Amazon and simply bought some costume attire (or gone to Primark for some Onesies), and other teams where a little more thought and inventiveness has been entered into.

Fancy Dress It's A Knockout teams

More Its A Knockout Teams.

Some teams just simply get specially printed t-shirts made (maybe with a company name on them), and some go way-overboard and create wild and wacky fancy dress along with Joker Cards, Mascots and themed gazebos. Little touches for costumes such as tutu’s, grass skirts, funny wigs and accessories are easy to add.

Fancy Dress It's A Knockout Teams

Fancy Dressed It’s A Knockout Teams.

The things to remember are…

1. It’s got to be functional, you’ll be climbing through inflatables and doing games.

2. No sharp edges please (sorry Pirate teams, but no swords).

3. No full face or full limb face-painting as it leaves coloured streaks on our It’s A Knockout inflatables (Sorry blue Smurf teams and yellow Minion teams).

For more team images and inspiration please visit our Flickr page.

Two chaps having fun in the bubbles

Our Silver Show It’s A Knockout 2017

Our Silver Show is ideal for medium and large events. It is available in two versions, 8 games, which will last about 4 hours and also as a ten game version. The image below shows the eight game version from 2015.

silver show games arena

The Silver Show It’s A Knockout games arena.

The Silver Show is more inflatable based than the Bronze Show.  As an example, the inflatable slide game is bigger on this set of games. Because we need more staff to set up this bigger set of games, it automatically covers up to 18 teams talking part. Other teas can be added. However, after 36 teams we would suggest moving up to the Gold Show.

Silver Show It's A Knockout games

Some Silver Show games.

The eight game version needs about half the size of a football pitch in room and is usually ran in two halves. The dry games in Part 1, then the wet or bubbles games in Part 2. Like all our Knockout’s, everyone, in every team, gets the opportunity to take part in every game. No one is left out.

Ran as an exciting team event and as a great spectator attraction, the Silver Show makes an impressive addition to large charity fundraising events, family fund days, or entertainment events.

Silver Show It's A Knockout games

More Silver Show It’s A Knockout games.

School Activity Days and Youth Events.

Our Silver Show is also great for school activity days and youth events. For these days we change the games a little and make them more adrenaline based. Many schools use our games for end of year activity days, fresher days, incentive and reward events. The most students that our Silver Show can cope with in a single session is 480. However, two sessions can be ran in a day (one AM, one PM) meaning that a school with a thousand children can get everyone involved in the fun and excitement.

Knockout Challenge offer different scales of games for events. From our Mini Knockout for small team building type days to our Gold Show for large events of 36 teams or more. Please visit our Packages Page for details.

A team building game on our Silver Show

The Mini Knockout for team building days

The Mini Knockout is a great addition to a team building day or company activity day.

Often for team building days with small numbers, say 20 to 60 people, having a couple of hours of games after a mornings conferencing is a great way for delegates to let their hair down in the afternoon.  Our Mini Knockout is ideal for this. Six games, with a little dressing-up, inflatables, fun and team bonding. Although the games have some inflatables, there isn’t too much exertion needed from the teams. However, everyone, in every team, can take part in every game if they want to. No one gets left out.

Mini Knockout games

The Mini Knockout games arena

The games can include a little extra fun with water and bubbles on a few of the games or it can all be ran dry. As with all our knockout’s we supply arena bunting, have a small P.A. sound system, games commentator and staffing, prizes and bring our own generator for powering it all. It needs about three to four tennis courts in space to be set up nicely as you can see from the image above.

Mini Knockout games

Images of the Mini Knockout games

Our commentator will narrate the games as they are played our and read out the teams scores to keep the teams enthused to try their best and have a great experience. This set of games is great for up to 8 teams of 8 taking part. Extra teams can be added if required, but we’d suggest if possible then booking one of our bigger shows such as the Bronze Show It’s A Knockout.

Mini Knockout games

More Mini Knockout games

We have some great addition ideas to help complement and team bond everyone, please contact us to talk through ideas and discuss what works best for your day. We have different scales of knockout games which suit different requirements. So please also see our Packages Page for our other sets of games.

Some Of Our New Inflatables for 2017

Here’s just a quick taste of some of our new inflatables for 2017.

Each year we update games and change games around so that the many charities and event organisers that use us year on year get some new and exciting games to play. In this blog we’ll be showing off some of our new inflatables, two that are going onto our Silver Show It’s A Knockout and one on our Bronze Show.

Wedge Inflatable Obstacle

The Silver Show “Golden Balls” game inflatable.

Our new Golden Ball’s Game on the Silver Show uses the Wedge Inflatable shown above. This game can be ran wet (preferred) or dry. This new game is great for all abilities including those with lower body mobility impairments.

Honey Tubes Inflatable

The new Honey Juice Game.

Our new Honey Juice Game on the Silver Show uses the Honey Tubes inflatable obstacle. This water collecting game uses a medium sized inflatable so that lots of “goes” each can be had by the teams.

Penguin game obstacle

The P-P-Penguin Game obstacle.

The P-P-Penguin Game (which uses are 8 feet high sumo penguin suits) has this new obstacle for 2017. Our Penguin Game has been mostly unchanged since it’s inception because it is so popular at our It’s A Knockout’s. For 2017 though we’ve spruced the game up with this obstacle.

If you would like updated games sheets for our 2017 sets of games, please contact us for details.

Our It’s A Knockout’s are ideal for charity fundraising events, town & village shows, public/company/family days and corporate entertainment. Please see our Packages Page for details.

All of our inflatables comply with BS EN 14960 the guidance for inflatables.