Discount Dates 2020

Every year we publish some discount dates on our website to aid our travelling around the UK in the summer months. This helps keep our travelling down which is one of the biggest costs we bear in providing our It’s A Knockout’s. If your date is flexible and you are with 150 miles of other work we have you could benefit from one of our discountable dates.

Our Discount Dates Page.

We have a special page on our website where these are published. Please follow this link… Discounted Dates 2020

Charity Teams 2020

This also helps charities and fundraising events organisers gain the best price possible and so maximising their fundraising efforts. Please visit our Discounted Dates Page for a list of dates. Although this page is updated quite often, if you are holding a fundraising event please contact us to see what dates we can offer you at a reduced rate.

a charity team

Charity Teams 2020

During the summer months we are on the road pretty much and some times gaps in the diary appear where we are not working and a discounted date can be offered.

Contact Us.

Please Contact Us even if a compatible date isn’t on the list, you never know, we may still be able to help you !