Early Season News

Our 2019 season is under way and so it’s time for some Early Season News. All of our new inflatables have seen action now in our It’s A Knockout’s and we’re loving the fun they bring to our sets of games. The teams also seem to be enjoying them too ! Enquiries have really hotted up over the last couple of weeks. It’s always the schools that seem the most surprised that we’re sometimes not available for “next week” when some are already thinking ahead to booking for 2020.

Early Season News

Early Season News

Talking of schools, kids love our adrenaline games, especially our 50 foot long slide on our Silver Show. Quite often we’re at a school with hundreds of kids taking part. See our Schools & Youth Knockouts Page for more details.

It’s great that charities use us for their days. Even with the current uncertainty, charity day bookings are up. We love charity days, they are always great fun and it’s excellent to see charity’s and causes benefiting whilst entertaining. If you are a charity event organiser please see our Charities Page for details, or if you represent a small group of people wishing to take part in a public charity day please go to our Events Page.

Early Season News

Early Season News

As part of our ongoing safety programme, we’ve recently had a staff training day. As followers of our blogs will be aware, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) last year updated their guidance on the uses of inflatables (we’re told there will be another update later this year as well). The training day was ran by Peter Grand of PIPA and he updated us of changes to guidance, best practice and the BS-EN standard that inflatables are made to. For info on inflatable safety please read our blog on Inflatable Safety from early this year. We now also have three staff members who are PAT test qualified.

New Inflatables 2019

We’ve introduced some great new games and new inflatables for 2019. Some of our new inflatables are called The Black Hole, Vegetable Patch, Bubble Cube and Post Boxes. Each year we spruce up our games up with new inflatables, variations and additions to give our many returning clients a fresh feel to our games.

The inflatable we’re most excited about is the new Black Hole Inflatable. This totally unique black inflatable is almost completely pitch black inside. We don’t think any other knockout operator has a similar inflatable ! We have the ability to throw a bubble and water mixture into the inside of the inflatable so the teams will be crawling through bubbles in the dark !!!!

Black Hole Inflatable for 2019

Black Hole Inflatable for 2019

Our “Post Boxes Inflatable” is new to our Silver Show. This is for a new games called “Picture Postcards” where the team post themselves through the First Class and Second Class post-box holes of the inflatable to collect pieces of a double-sided picture postcard which attach to a Velcro tabard.

New Inflatables for 2019

New Inflatables for 2019

Our new “Vegetable Patch inflatable” is another new Silver Show inflatable. This inflatable is used on the Strawberries & Cream game. the teams slide and crawl through the wet and bubbly Vegetable Patch inflatable on their way to the end of the course to collect the strawberries to place in the measuring tube.

New inflatables for 2019

New inflatables for 2019

Our Mini Knockout has a new “Bubble Cube Inflatable” (see this blogs top left-hand image).

We can’t wait to use these new inflatables and post some images so everyone can see the fun and games on a Knockout Challenge It’s A Knockout!

All our new inflatables for 2019 are made in the UK by a UK manufacturer to the BS-EN-14960:2013 standard. They have a current safety certificate issued by an independent tester that can be checked online for clarification. Please also read our blog Bouncy Castle Safety for further details about the responsibility expected of inflatable operators.

Bouncy Castle Safety

Bouncy Castle Safety

article header image saying bouncy castle safety

Mum’s & Dad’s Guide to Bouncy Castle Safety

With the recent high-profile inflatable and bouncy castle accidents that have been in the news over the last couple of years in mind, Phil Pike (the Director of Knockout Challenge) via his involvement with the Amusement Devices Safety Council has written a short guide to help the general public ask and look for the right things when hiring inflatables and bouncy castles for the likes of school fetes, fundays and events.

Bouncy Castle Safety

Bouncy Castle Safety

Bouncy castles and inflatables in general are actually very safe (and of course fun) when used in the correct way by the right people supplying them and supervising them. There is lots of technical guidance out there mostly aimed at the supplier or hirer, but members of the general public may find it hard to understand the relevance of the guidelines and how they actually apply to them when they are booking a hire or siting an inflatable on the day.  So, the aim here to simplify it with a concise and easy to read “Mum’s & Dad’s Guide” to using them and also what to ask and look from an inflatable hire supplier and what to look for on the day and where to site it.

24 mph wind speed limit on all inflatables

Wind warning sign

This Guide will be a great quick source to keep on file of the underlying important points for the general public to refer to for “bouncy castles”. The headings include:

# How they are made.
# Installation.
# General condition of the inflatable.
# Anchor points.
# Wind speeds.
# Users & supervision.
# Certificates & Safety.
# The operator or supplier.
# Further reading & guidance.

At the moment the guide is currently available on the PTA+ Magazine website by clicking here:
>> Inflatable Hire Safety Article <<

For further safety information, please see our other blog: Inflatables & Safety At Events.



It's A Knockout Kids Games

2018 It’s A Knockout Digest

Well, it’s that time of year again to look back at the previous 12 months and reflect on our 2018 It’s A Knockout year. As usual it’s been a pleasure being out on the road performing our It’s A Knockout game activities for a variety of clients and the public. As ever, we’ve been all across the UK taking our games to a variety of events such as charity fundraising, schools, festivals, town/village shows, fun days, team building, and the off party and private event.

2018 Charity Games It’s A Knockout

Whether it’s been a national charity day, a big fun day or just a small team building event we’ve enjoyed 2018, and hope that everyone who took part had Fun fun fun as well.

Of course there was that great period of dry and hot weather in the middle of the year which we will all remember. For us it happened in the middle of our “busy-busy” part of the year. It started about a week before our big Jersey charity weekender and lasted until the end of July (when the English schools break up).

Summer It's A Knockout

Summer It’s A Knockout 2018

Our it’s A knockout games are great for team building and in 2018 we’ve supplied games packages for small team building days for as little as 30 people, right up to large days where 500 have taken part.

Team Building It's A knockout

Team Building It’s A knockout

Our games are ideal for schools that want to keep a lot active simultaneously. Our largest in 2018 for 700 students in one day! (we can easily do more though)

It's A Knockout Kids Games

It’s A Knockout Kids Games

We saw a longer season than ever this year, with work through October, November and December. Indoors or outdoors, Christmas party’s, Santa Run’s, team building and more, it’s been a Knockout Year.

And we’re already looking forward to 2019. New games and inflatables are planned, and we can’t wait !!!

Santa Run 2018

Santa Run 2018

Bookmark our  News/Blog page for the latest from us, or Contact Us for our 2019 events.

Knockout in the rain

Knockout In The Rain

Overall 2018 has generally been a good year for It’s A Knockout weather. However, come September time, it did turn a little for the worse. This brings us to a question often asked of us… “What happens to a It’s A Knockout in the rain?”  Well, to be honest, the answer is, it carries on regardless. Sometimes, we prefer it ! You’re going to get wet on the games anyway, so what’s the difference?

The pictures shown here in this blog were taken at a Cornwall Hospice Care fundraising It’s A Knockout day in Truro in September 2018. You’ll see that everyone had a great time. 33 teams turned up (only 3 dropped out last minute) all raising money for the charity.

Cornwall Hospice Care

Knockout In The Rain with Cornwall Hospice Care

Knockout In The Rain.

Our wet games and inflatables are going to get wet anyway no matter what the weather happens to be on the day, in fact when it’s raining it saves us a job of throwing water on them as Mother Nature is doing it for us. So rain is definitely not a problem. Our watch points though are making sure areas do not become muddy and of course the wind. But, these are “watch points” for normal days anyway. Just get the teams to bring a team gazebo with them and this can act as a base to keep their things dry whilst they are having fun on the games.

Knockout In The Rain with Cornwall Hospice Care

Knockout In The Rain with Cornwall Hospice Care

To read more about how a charity can raise money using one of our It’s A Knockout’s please see our Charities page and also our Charity FAQ’s blog.

Cornwall Hospice Care.

If you’d like more information about the Cornwall Hospice Care charity and their work, please go to their Facebook Page or visit their website Cornwall Hospice Care.


Bronze Show Kangaroo game

Bronze Show It’s A Knockout 2018

Our Bronze Show It’s A Knockout for 2018 has had some new great new games, inflatables and changes for the 2018 season to make them even more entertaining for the teams taking part and watching audiences.

Both the dressing up games on the Bronze Show It’s A Knockout for 2018 have changed. The penguins game has been replaced with a similar style Kangaroo sumo suit one which will help make the game a bit more versatile to different sizes and abilities of teams we encounter at days.

The second dressing-up game on the Bronze Show sees the addition of the funny new game “Widow Twanky’s Laundry”. In this game parts of a spotty padded sumo suit are collected through our Mangle inflatable obstacle, these pieces are then assembled together and worn by one of the team members to race back down the course.

Bronze Show It's A Knockout for 2018

Bronze Show It’s A Knockout for 2018

The Bronze Show It’s A Knockout for 2018 also has a new inflatable slide game “The Flume Slide”, and we’ve moved the Bubble Cave inflatable game over from the Silver Show over which means that four of the seven standard games are different this year, plus with the tweaks to the other games gives the Bronze Show for 2018 has a fresh new feel for the many people, charities and organisations who come back to book our games year-on-year.

Bronze Show It's A Knockout for 2018

Bronze Show It’s A Knockout for 2018

All these changes make our Bronze Show It’s A knockout ideal for charities and organisations using our games for their fundraising ventures. the Bronze Show is a great introduction step onto the It’s A knockout fundraising ladder for those who have not ran an It’s A Knockout day before. Please Contact Us if you’re new to Knockout and we’ll talk you through everything you need to know.

You can also find other Blog articles about how our Knockout’s can be used for fundraising events.

Early Season Update 2018

Early Season Update 2018

Welcome to our latest It’s A Knockout Blog. Here is an Early Season Update 2018 of news about It’s A knockout so far this year and also looking forward to the summer months.

Early Season Update 2018

Our It’s A Knockout 2018 summer season is now fully under way and we have already been out on the road on a few strings of work where we travel from one It’s A Knockout day to another, be it for a school activity day, university, village or town day or for some charity fundraising.  We happy to say that 2018 is shaping up to be a bumper year so we’re looking forward to it eagerly.

University It's A Knockout

Early Season Update 2018

Many days and weeks are already fully booked. We’re amazed though that we get so many late enquiries for sorting out a day. Sometimes just a few weeks notice rather than months. We do though have some dates still available in the height of the season and some discounted ones as well.  Please see our Discounted Dates page for details. We’re also offering a 15% discount on August dates as this is usually a quieter month after the madness of June and July.

School It's A Knockout News 2018

Early Season Update 2018

New Games & Inflatables for 2018

Most of our new inflatables for 2018 have already had their first outing and we’re pleased that everyone is enjoying them so much.
So far this year, our confirmed traveling for days takes us as far north as Aberdeen and as far south as Truro, plus we’re off to the Isle of Wight this year and our Gold Show is off to Jersey for a charity weekend at the end of June.
So, no matter where you are in the UK, we’re sure to be running one of our It’s A knockout’s near you this year.

If you’d like to take part in one of our It’s A Knockout events in 2018, we have many where you can do so. Please see our Events Page for details of those where the public can enter teams.

Charity It's A Knockout

2017’s Been A Great It’s A Knockout Year

It’s time for us to reflect on 2017 and what a great year it’s been for our Knockout Challenge It’s A Knockout games. As usual, we’ve been the length and breadth of the UK with our It’s A Knockout packages for a variety of different Town and Village shows, Festivals, Gala’s, Charity Fundraising days, Family Days and yes, Team Building.

From April till December (yes December!) our games have been entertaining the masses with fun and laughter, bubbles, water, costumes, inflatables and non-stop enjoyment.

2017 Charity It's A Knockout

2017 Charity It’s A Knockout

We’ve enjoyed 2017 immensely, and it’s been great that our games have helped so many charities raise lots of money for great causes and helped these charities spread their “word” and build bridges.  We do particularly look forward to the public days as the teams really go to town on their fancy dress and the less-competiveness of the teams ads to a more fun event.

2017 Gold Show

A 2017 Gold Show set of games.

This year we’ve ran our games for just a small day of 25 people up to Scout camps with 2,000. And even with the bigger numbers, as usual, every body, in every team took part in every game, No-one was left out. We’ve also noticed many more schools are using us now. When we run school and youth days, we change the games to be more adrenaline based. Some schools are even sharing a day, where we’ll operate the games in the morning for one school, then another are bus’d in or walk over to take part in the afternoon. Many are having a teachers session after school as a sort of team building exercise. Please visit our Schools Page for details.

2017 It's A Knockout Teams

2017 It’s A Knockout Teams.

For more images of teams that took part in in of our 2017 Charity It’s A Knockout’s please visit our Flickr Page.

We can’t sign off this blog without a footnote to our friend Keith Chegwin. We worked with him many times, and it was with great sorrow that we learnt of his death. He was a great guy, always happy, had a wicked sense of humour and we’ll miss him greatly.

Keith Cheqwin It's A Knockout

Cheggers It’s A Knockout.

We’d like to thank all the organisers that put their faith in us for 2017, all the great teams that took part in our games. We hope to see you all next year for an exciting 2018 It’s A Knockout !

Please bookmark our Blog for news of some tightly guarded changes, upgrades, and additions to our It’s A Knockout’s for 2018.



Inflatable Flume Slide – One of our New It’s A Knockout inflatables

We’ve taken delivery of and starting using our new Inflatable Flume Slide.  This obstacle is a new addition to our Bronze Show It’s A Knockout. It’s design is a little different from the other inflatable slides we have used and the first of such design that our British inflatable manufacturers have made.

Inflatable Flume Slide

Inflatable Flume Slide.

Seen above in its finished stage on the manufacturers bench, the designing stage took a little consultation to hone the finished look. Not only did the slide have to fulfil it’s usage purpose on how we intend to use it on the games, but it also has to conform with the legal guidelines for inflatable manufacture and usage (Design Review) and then lastly the actual constraints of how to make the inflatable itself. This has all come together to a great finished addition to our It’s A Knockout’s for 2018. We can’t wait to use it properly in the warm months next year !

Inflatable Flume Slide

Bronze Show Inflatable Flume Slide.

This new inflatable forms part of our changes to the 2018 games for our Bronze Show It’s A Knockout. The Show has new inflatables and new costumes making it even better for charity days and fundays and for those clients using us year-on-year. We got new inflatables and changes around for our games in 2018, so please check back to our blogs in the coming months for more details.

In the meantime, please check out our Packages Page to see details of all our It’s A Knockout games packages that we offer.