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Fundraising Charity Events

Hiring one of our “It’s A Knockout” shows is a great way for a charity to raise money for their cause whilst giving the participants a fun time in the process.

Not only does it generate money and future contacts, but it gives great publicity and local interest for a cause. This gives great PR & networking opportunities and builds many “bridges” for the future. Many charities and organisations have used our knockouts time and time again for this purpose.

With the right planning and publicity, charity events, and charity “It’s A Knockouts” are a great and worthwhile event to hold. For those who are looking for the first time at this type of event, a table is shown below to help show the various ways that an event can generate money.

Example Income Generation Table

Making a possible total of £15,490.00

Team entry 12£500 each£6,000.00
Sponsorship of the teams 12£200 each£2,400.00
Sponsorship of each game8£200 each£1,600.00
Advertising in program 30£30 each£900.00
Arena side show stall fees 20£30 each£600.00
Refreshment concessions 3£100 each£300.00
Reclaimed Gift-aid on above 25p on each pound£3,304.00
Public entrance & program sales 500£1 each£500.00
Profit from Knockout T-shirt sales 120£2 each£240.00

The above figures are an example of some clients’ generated figures.

Fundraising Ideas

All the team members can be given sponsorship forms to help raise money by approaching friends etc. As an example, each team member approaches 25 friends and gets a £2 sponsorship from each (= £50), times by ten people in a team = £500 for the team!

One of the charities that used us in 2015 raised over £35,000 profit from their charity “It’s A Knockout” event!

In the password part of our website there are many resources to help charities including… a sample GIFT-AID sponsorship form, sample Press Releases, poster clip-art and high resolution games images, Facebook friendly poster images and charity fundraising ideas sheets.

We can also give extra points to the teams according to how much they’ve raised for you. So, the more money they raise, the more points they start with. This usually entices the teams to raise more than the entry amount.

Remember also that you can place an advert on our Events Page as well to publicise your event and enlist teams.

Prices and Discounts

We also have a list of dates where we can discount our prices because we are traveling near an area on a “day off”. If you’d like to benefit from one of our discount dates, please click here for the list.

An It’s A Knockout game at a charity event
An image from a charity Gold Show

It’s A Knockout TV

By kind permission, below is a video of an It’s A Knockout we supplied for the NACC which also gives details about the charity’s purpose.

  • A montage of the charities we have worked for