Covid Secure games for School Activity Days

Our games can be ran covid secure for school activity and reward days.

As readers of our blogs across our three websites will know, we have instigated special cleaning programmes to make our games useable for school, college and university activity days. These measures include hand sanitising stations, cleaning schedules and staff training.

Our covid secure procedures

Covid Secure Schools Games

Government Guidance.

At Knockout Challenge, we keep ourselves up to date with the government guidance. More than that, Knockout Challenge director Phil Pike, through his association with the Amusement Devices Safety Council (ADSC), helped write the industry guidance for fairground industry. This guidance includes the use of inflatables.

We have constructed a special Covid Risk Management document which is available to customers. This has been also ran by HSE for comment to make sure that it covers all relevant and appropriate points. We have also crated a special covid advice page of our website for teams to help them understand the measures we have introduce.

Daily clean and periodic clean.

We have two types of cleaning programme for our inflatables and equipment. An initial daily clean followed by a periodic clean during the day as necessary. This is easier with school days as pupils are being kept in their year groups at present. More information about this can be found on our sister website

A School Covid Secure Games Day

Covid Secure Games

Formats & ideas

We have a number of ways to run the games to be covid secure compliant. One thing for sure though, is that the fun and excitement of the day hasn’t been affected. Whether our games are being used for a school activity day, or school/college reward day, an induction day or for a Fresher’s Week activity, rest assured that the students will have a great-great fun day or excitement and bonding.

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Further Reading.

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