It’s A Knockout Roundup For 2019

Our last blog of the year is a roundup and look back at our 2019 season and the fun we had providing our It’s A knockout games up and down the UK during the past year. As you can imagine, we’ve racked up a few miles this year, touring as far north as Scotland, down to the Channel Isles and Jersey. We’ve really enjoyed our travels, meeting lots of great people, and attending a variety of different types of days, events and festivals.

One or our 2019 It's A knockout events

It’s A Knockout 2019

As the roundup continues, we must add that the charity days are as usual some of our favourites. We love it when the teams come in fancy dress, and it’s great that charities use us to help raise money and awareness for their causes. For more information please see our Charities Page.

images from our It's A knocklout's in 2019

It’s A knockout 2019

Kids love our games too. We’ve attended many schools, colleges, universities and youth camps in 2019. Our biggest was for CamJam (Cambridge Scouts Jamboree). At this day over 2,000 scouts took part in our games ! And as with all our sets of games, no one got left out. Everyone in every team took part in every game.

Images of some of our 2019 It's A knockout days

It’s A Knockout 2019

We’re now looking forward to 2020. And bookings and enquiries are coming in quicker than usual. Here are just twenty of the days we have in the diary for 2020 (in alphabetical order)…  Aylesford, Ardrossan, Bradford, Cardiff, Clacton, Deal, Glasgow, Guernsey, Glasgow, Hull, jersey, Kidderminster, Lancaster, Mansfield, Melton Mowbray, Newquay, Stevenage, Southampton, Swindon, Weymouth. More to come of course. Check out our blogs in 2020 and events pages for more details.

One of our charity days from 2019

It’s A Knockout 2019

We’ve got some great additions to our games in 2020 and we’re looking at how to make our games even more exciting, so please Contact Us if you’re planning day of entertainment where you need to keep people busy and having fun.