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Our New It’s A Knockout Website.

Knockout Challenge.

At Knockout Challenge, we are excited to announce that we have a new design of It’s A Knockout website all hosted a new shorter domain address. This new website has some great new images, lots of details, information and ideas, and some new videos to view. We’ve also jazzed the images up to reflect how exciting our it’s A Knockout games are ran at our events.

Knockout Challenge Fundraising It's A knockout

Fundraising It’s A knockout

Applications Pages.

We’ve added specific landing pages to the site to help inform people about the most used applications for our games. There are unique landing pages for the categories of Charity Fundraising Events, Town & Village Show, Family Fundays, Team Building, and School/youth activity days. This means that readers can instantly read how our games can specifically be used for their day.

Colourful, Exciting, Informative.

As you can see from the images here taken from the new website, we’ve made the excitement of our games jump out from your screen. We hope this invigorates you to Contact Us to see how we can make your next participation activity day shine.

It's A Knockout Games Video Still

“Best Of” It’s A Knockout Games Video

New Videos.

We have some great new videos on the website, including a great little 2 minutes “Best Of” tingler showing many of our entertaining games in action. You can also click through to our YouTube page to see our other exciting games.

A Knockout Challenge team

A Knockout Challenge team

Visit the new website.

You can visit our new website by clicking this link

Let us know what you think ! We’d love to know your thoughts 🙂

From 30 to 2,000 people, we have a set of games ideal for your participants activity day.

Our websites.

This version of our website you are currently viewing on and our original knockout-challenge version will still remain active as they not only still have some great informative information that is still relevant, but they also reminds everyone of some of the great past events we’ve ran our unbeatable It’s A Knockout Entertainment games packages at.