Discount Dates 2020

Every year we publish some discount dates on our website to aid our travelling around the UK in the summer months. This helps keep our travelling down which is one of the biggest costs we bear in providing our It’s A Knockout’s. If your date is flexible and you are with 150 miles of other work we have you could benefit from one of our discountable dates.

Our Discount Dates Page.

We have a special page on our website where these are published. Please follow this link… Discounted Dates 2020

Charity Teams 2020

This also helps charities and fundraising events organisers gain the best price possible and so maximising their fundraising efforts. Please visit our Discounted Dates Page for a list of dates. Although this page is updated quite often, if you are holding a fundraising event please contact us to see what dates we can offer you at a reduced rate.

a charity team

Charity Teams 2020

During the summer months we are on the road pretty much and some times gaps in the diary appear where we are not working and a discounted date can be offered.

Contact Us.

Please Contact Us even if a compatible date isn’t on the list, you never know, we may still be able to help you !

Charity Events 2019

Want to take part in one of our 2019 fundraising charity events? Come on, you know you want to !

Every year charity and community events use our games for their days with a view of enlisting public interest to enter a team into the day. Therefore, if you represent a small group (say for example 10 people) then you can take part in one of these open, public, charity fundraising events booked with us.

Whether you have a few friends, are a small work group, friends form down the pub, or just know some people who would love this, Contact Us to see if there is an event near you that you can enter a team into.

Pilgrims Hospcies Charity event Montage

Pilgrims Hospices Charity Fundraising Event

The images contained in this blog came from last years Pilgrims Hospices Charity Fundraising Event held in Ramsgate in Kent. We’re pleased to announce that they are once more using our games again this year for their charity event 2019. Why not take part in this years It’s A Knockout ?!?!

Pilgrims Hospcies Charity Fundraising Event

Pilgrims Hospices Charity Fundraising Event

If you’d like to take part in one of our charity events in 2019 please initially look at our Events Page to see if there are any near you that appeal. Then contact us and we’ll pass your details onto the relevant organiser. Even if there are no events near you, we can leave your name on file to let you know when we’re in your area for an event recruiting for teams.

Many charities use our games for their events. They are a great way to promote awareness for a cause and to raise valuable funds. Please see our Charities Page for details and suggestions about how one of our it’s A knockout’s can help your cause. We free of charge promote your day on Facebook and Twitter and can mention and even blog about it on our websites.

Knockout in the rain

Knockout In The Rain

Overall 2018 has generally been a good year for It’s A Knockout weather. However, come September time, it did turn a little for the worse. This brings us to a question often asked of us… “What happens to a It’s A Knockout in the rain?”  Well, to be honest, the answer is, it carries on regardless. Sometimes, we prefer it ! You’re going to get wet on the games anyway, so what’s the difference?

The pictures shown here in this blog were taken at a Cornwall Hospice Care fundraising It’s A Knockout day in Truro in September 2018. You’ll see that everyone had a great time. 33 teams turned up (only 3 dropped out last minute) all raising money for the charity.

Cornwall Hospice Care

Knockout In The Rain with Cornwall Hospice Care

Knockout In The Rain.

Our wet games and inflatables are going to get wet anyway no matter what the weather happens to be on the day, in fact when it’s raining it saves us a job of throwing water on them as Mother Nature is doing it for us. So rain is definitely not a problem. Our watch points though are making sure areas do not become muddy and of course the wind. But, these are “watch points” for normal days anyway. Just get the teams to bring a team gazebo with them and this can act as a base to keep their things dry whilst they are having fun on the games.

Knockout In The Rain with Cornwall Hospice Care

Knockout In The Rain with Cornwall Hospice Care

To read more about how a charity can raise money using one of our It’s A Knockout’s please see our Charities page and also our Charity FAQ’s blog.

Cornwall Hospice Care.

If you’d like more information about the Cornwall Hospice Care charity and their work, please go to their Facebook Page or visit their website Cornwall Hospice Care.


A fancy dressed team at a hospice charity day

Santa Run Obstacles 2018

Our It’s A Knockout inflatables don’t get a rest in the winter months (oh no!), they can also be used by charity’s as an exciting addition to their Charity Santa Run Events for Christmas 2018.  We’d prefer the Santa Run Obstacles laid out in a concurrent straight line course as this helps us with our marshalling them for safety purposes.  We can offer inflatable courses from just a 150 feet long to massive 300 feet long.

santa's running through inflatable obstacles

Santa Run Obstacles 2018

Colourful Inflatable Obstacles.

They add a great colourful and visual element to add to a Christmas charity fundraising Santa Run event. The Santa’s will enjoy running along, and bashing down, and climbing through the bouncy inflatables part of there charity run experience. We supply our own power generators, just give us a nice long grass area to lay the inflatables out on and we’ll do the rest.

Santa's running down the inflatables

Santa Run Obstacles 2018

We can also supply a PA sound system for the day to help you with the Santa Warm Up routine and for any event introductions, announcements and presentations.

To get an idea of the inflatables that we use for the courses, please see our Packages Page.

Contact Us.

Please Contact Us and we’ll talk you through how it all works.

Charity Fundraising Event Pontefract

Charity Fundraising Event Pontefract

Teams are invited to join us on Sunday 29th July at Featherstone Rovers RFC near Pontefract for a Charity Fundraising Event Pontefract in aid of Parkinson’s UK and MacMillan Cancer Support. The day runs from 12 till 4pm and there will a lot to do and see apart from the It’s A knockout in the middle of the day including sideshows, attractions and refreshments.

Charity Fundraising Event

Last years charity fundraising day was a great success as you can see form the images here on this page, and this year it is hoped the event will be a bigger and better day, with lots of fundraising for these two great causes.

Charity Fundraising Event Pontefract

Charity Fundraising Event Pontefract

It’s A Knockout.

The general public are invited to enter teams into the It’s A Knockout event that will be taking place on the day. Teams should ideally be between 8 and 10 people in size and you’ll be guaranteed a great day of games and fun on our obstacles all for a good cause. To get an idea of the games that will be present on the day please see our Bronze Show page for details. Colourful inflatables obstacles, dressing up games, wet games, dry games, team games, relay games. If you can’t get a team together but would like to take part, we may be able to match you up with similar people to make an add-hock mixed team.

Charity Fundraising Event Pontefract

Charity Fundraising Event Pontefract

So, whether you can get a team together for Sunday 29th July or just want to come down and enjoy the atmosphere for a nice day out with the family, we’d be glad to see you there. Also, please contact us if you’d like to help out on the day as a volunteer. All help gratefully received!

Please see Contact Us for more details of the day or if you want to enter a team.

Glasgow Charity Event

Glasgow Charity Event 2018

The public are invited to enter teams into a charity fundraising event being held in aid of the Catherine McEwan Foundation on Saturday 12th May 2018 at the GHA Rugby Club in Giffnock, Glasgow. There’ll be lots to see and do on the day, even if you’re just a spectator attending the day just to cheer on the teams and support the charity.

Glasgow Charity Event 2018

Glasgow Charity Event.

If you’d like to enter a team into the It’s A Knockout games, please Contact Us for details and we’ll pass them onto the event organiser. Teams should ideally have up to 10 members in them and as in all our knockout’s, everyone, in every team, can take part in every game if they want to. The games will be from our Silver Show. As usual, we’ll also be awarding some bonus points for teams that come in funny fancy dress attire, so get creative and have some fun thinking up an apt theme for your team. Read through some of our other Blogs if you want some fancy dress ideas. A good starting point being Some Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Its A Knockout Teams

Glasgow Charity Event

Glasgow Charity Event.

Also, remember teams that you get to play a ‘Joker’ on one game (which will get you double points on that game), so if you’ve also designed and brought your own Joker Card you’ll get even more bonus points. So get some friends together and enter a team into this great event for a great local charity.

The day starts at 12.00 midday. There will also be refreshments, sideshows, bouncy castles for the kids and other attractions.

If you can’t make the date, but would like to enter a team into one of our charity events, then we more that are listed on our Public Events  page of the website.

Denver Family Fun Day 2018

The Denver Family Fun Day 2018 in Norfolk are looking for the public to enter teams into their second It’s A Knockout. This year the family funday is on Sunday 22nd July. Last years first It’s A Knockout was a great success and they are hoping to re-create the exciting atmosphere this year. Teams of up to 10 people are invited to take part in the knockout. So if you have some friends or workmates and want to be involved in a great day out, read further and Contact Us for further details.

Denver Family Fun Day

Denver Family Funday

Denver Family Fun Day

Last year 12 teams from the local community took part over the afternoon event, some coming in fancy dress which was really excellent. Some even brought their own gazebos and decorated them giving the day a nice colourful “Olympic Village” for the teams. Although at daybreak the day started out as wet and cloudy, it soon brightened up as the attractions were being built up. The teams still got wet of course…. well they were taking part in an It’s A Knockout !!!

Denver Village Fun Day 2017

Denver Village Funday 2017

The day starts at 11am, with lots of other family funday attractions, such as fairground rides, a dog show, refreshments and more. You can find more details on the Denver Village Family Funday Facebook page. Come on, be part of the fun in 2018 and get a team together.

Denver Family Fun Day Penguins Game

Denver Family Funday Penguins Game

If you are a charity wishing to read further about hosting a charity knockout or are looking into how an It’s A knockout is an ideal arena entertainment for a community event, you’ll find more details on our Charities Page. We have lots of other information to help, just let us know about the aims of your day and we’ll help you as much as possible. Including the Blogging, Tweeting, promotion of the day to help gain interest and exposure.

Pilgrims Hospice Charity It's A Knockout

Pilgrim’s Hospice Charity It’s A Knockout 2018

It’s with great pleasure that we invite the public to enter teams into the Pilgrim’s Hospice Charity It’s A Knockout 2018 on Sunday May 20th. This will be the eight It’s a Knockout held by Pilgrim’s Hospices and the fourth at Government Acre Recreation Ground in Ramsgate. As you can see from the images here that were taken at last years day, it was glorious weather, and everyone had a ball of a time.

Pilgrim's Hospice Charity It's A Knockout 2018

Pilgrims Hospice Charity It’s A Knockout 2017

It’s a Knockout is a fun-tastic way to support Pilgrims Hospice and help them be there for the next family that needs them. It’s a great team builder for work colleagues, family and friends alike, with laughter and fun guaranteed. Join us for a day to remember in an impressive games arena packed full of colourful, inflatable obstacles to contend with – intriguing when they’re dry and definitely challenging when wet!

Pilgrim's Hospice Charity It's A Knockout 2018

Pilgrims Hospice Charity It’s A knockout 2017

This year we have some new games for you including a new inflatable slide game, a new bubble pit and Kangaroo sumo suits! Fancy having a go yourself? Get your fiends together and enter a team for a great fundraising day.

Event information.

You’ll need a £50 deposit to secure your team’s place and we ask that all teams pledge to raise £500 in sponsorship (just a £50 pledge per person). All team members must be aged 16 or over.

Please Contact Us for details of the day.

Pilgrim's Hospice Charity It's A Knockout 2018

Pilgrims Hospice Charity It’s A Knockout 2017

Place & Time.

Pilgrim’s Hospice Charity It’s A Knockout 2018.
Government Acre Recreation Ground,
Royal Esplanade.
Kent. CT11 9NY

Sunday May 20th 2018
Day opens 11.00am

If you can’t make this event, please visit our Events Page for more similar days where the public can enter teams.

Charity It's A Knockout

2017’s Been A Great It’s A Knockout Year

It’s time for us to reflect on 2017 and what a great year it’s been for our Knockout Challenge It’s A Knockout games. As usual, we’ve been the length and breadth of the UK with our It’s A Knockout packages for a variety of different Town and Village shows, Festivals, Gala’s, Charity Fundraising days, Family Days and yes, Team Building.

From April till December (yes December!) our games have been entertaining the masses with fun and laughter, bubbles, water, costumes, inflatables and non-stop enjoyment.

2017 Charity It's A Knockout

2017 Charity It’s A Knockout

We’ve enjoyed 2017 immensely, and it’s been great that our games have helped so many charities raise lots of money for great causes and helped these charities spread their “word” and build bridges.  We do particularly look forward to the public days as the teams really go to town on their fancy dress and the less-competiveness of the teams ads to a more fun event.

2017 Gold Show

A 2017 Gold Show set of games.

This year we’ve ran our games for just a small day of 25 people up to Scout camps with 2,000. And even with the bigger numbers, as usual, every body, in every team took part in every game, No-one was left out. We’ve also noticed many more schools are using us now. When we run school and youth days, we change the games to be more adrenaline based. Some schools are even sharing a day, where we’ll operate the games in the morning for one school, then another are bus’d in or walk over to take part in the afternoon. Many are having a teachers session after school as a sort of team building exercise. Please visit our Schools Page for details.

2017 It's A Knockout Teams

2017 It’s A Knockout Teams.

For more images of teams that took part in in of our 2017 Charity It’s A Knockout’s please visit our Flickr Page.

We can’t sign off this blog without a footnote to our friend Keith Chegwin. We worked with him many times, and it was with great sorrow that we learnt of his death. He was a great guy, always happy, had a wicked sense of humour and we’ll miss him greatly.

Keith Cheqwin It's A Knockout

Cheggers It’s A Knockout.

We’d like to thank all the organisers that put their faith in us for 2017, all the great teams that took part in our games. We hope to see you all next year for an exciting 2018 It’s A Knockout !

Please bookmark our Blog for news of some tightly guarded changes, upgrades, and additions to our It’s A Knockout’s for 2018.



Santa Run 2017

Inflatable Santa Run 2017

Our inflatables are a great fun addition to a Santa Run course. They are best used when placed in a consecutive line, and as you can guess, we have a wide variety of different shaped inflatable obstacles that we can use. The images in this blog were taken as one such Run held in Cambridge this year where 250 fancy dressed Santa’s took part.

inflatable santa run

Our inflatables used as part of a Santa Run.

The course was laid out as part of a 5k run (which was twice round a laid out circuit). The “Santa’s” negotiated the inflatable course twice as part of their run which was held in aid of a local charity.

Santa Run 2017

Inflatable Santa Run 2017.

The course added a great visual element to the event. There was also the opportunity for a Santa Time Trail to find the “Fastest Santa” on the inflatable course. Many charities now hold these events which are a great fundraiser for local causes.

The Santa Run warm-up

The Santa’s warm-up

Above you can see the Santa’s taking part in their pre-run warm-up before setting off on the 5k course.  If you would like details of how our inflatables could be used for an inflatable course, please Contact Us to find out more.