It’s A Knockout Teams 2019

Fun Image blog: It’s A Knockout Teams 2019

With the 2019 season in full swing, we thought we’d share a few images of some of the teams that have taken part in our events so far this year. You’ll see from the images that some have really “gone to town” with taking part in some type of fancy dress attire. We love teams in fancy dress, it ads colour to the day, and helps us with the scoring of the games.

It's A Knockout teams 2019

Teams 2019

The images in this blog are from events we have been held at that were as far north as Scotland, and as far south as Jersey (in the Channel Islands). Teams that are in fancy dress get extra fun points added to their score, also designing, making and bringing a Joker card, team Cheerleaders and mascots gain extra points too.

It's A Knockout teams 2019

Teams 2019

If you’re taking part in one of our fun It’s A Knockout’s please use these images as inspiration for your own team fancy dress. Although just colour coordinated t-shirts are fine, why not jazz them up and ad some nick-names on the back? It give’s our commentator-compere a great opportunity to interact with you.

It's A Knockout Teams 2019

Teams 2019

Remember, that a fancy dress costume should be easy to move around in, you don’t want it restricting you on the games. Also, no full arm/face painting please as it leaves streaks on the inflatables. (A little bit of face only paint may be okay). No sharp objects please, beware pirates teams, no swords! And remember “modesty underwear” in case you costume gets ripped from all the running/diving/scrambling through the inflatables.

It's A Knockout teams 2019

Teams 2019

If you’d like to take part in one of our charity or open events please go to the Events Page on our website for details. For further reading please see…

Fancy Dress Teams 2018

Fancy Dressed It’s A Knockout Teams 2017

Fancy Dressed Teams

2018 Fancy Dressed Teams

In 2018 we’ve seen some great fancy dressed teams at our It’s A Knockout events up and down the UK. So we thought it would be ideal to share and highlight some of these with a 2018 Fancy Dressed teams web-blog. You’ll see from the brief selection of images here that some teams just turn up with as simple as a colour coordinated T-shirt affair, but many really go wayyyyyyy past this and really get into the fun spirit of It’s A Knockout and “go to town”.

2018 Fancy Dressed Teams

2018 Fancy Dressed Teams

Fancy Dressed Teams !

A popular theme for teams nowadays seems to be Justice League or Super Heroes,  this is easily achieved by a quick trip to eBay or Amazon. We look it when teams use a play on words which coincides with their teams makeup. A team of nurses dressed as Elves = National Elf Service (brilliant!). The three images above are “Rock Stars” (with various rock t-shirts), Going Banana’s (Minions) and then a construction company’s team at a charity event simply wearing their high-vis shirts.

2018 Fancy Dressed Teams

2018 Fancy Dressed Teams

If you are a team taking part in one of our It’s A Knockout events, there are some more great examples of fancy dress in the Blog Fancy Dressed Charity Its A Knockout Teams 2017 and Some Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Its A Knockout Teams

2018 Fancy Dressed Teams

2018 Fancy Dressed Teams

Also remember, we give extra bonus “Fun Points” for teams that are in fancy dress. So get creating now ! Plus there are bonus points for designing and bringing your own Joker Card and a team mascot. We also suggest that teams bring their own gazebo to use as an HQ. This gives a place for a team to place all their effects etc for the day, and yes, bonus points for the best dressed team gazebo.

2018 Fancy Dress Teams

2018 Fancy Dressed Teams


Keep your eyes open for a Fancy Dressed Teams web-blog Part 2 and  Team Gazebo’s Blog as well.

Charities can gain more info by visiting our Charity Page

Pilgrims Hospice It's A Knockout Challenge

Fancy Dressed Charity It’s A Knockout Teams 2017

Ideas for some Fancy Dressed Charity It’s A Knockout Teams 2017.

Over the last few months our It’s A knockout shows have been travelling the UK providing great fundraising events for charity days and town shows alike. Along the way, every now-and-then, we’ve collected a few pictures of the teams that have taken part. So for a bit of fun, we’re going to share some of the great costume themes that the teams have come along as. If you’re taking part in an It’s A Knockout, use them as inspiration for your knockout day out !

fancy dressed It's A Knockout teams

Fancy dressed It’s A Knockout teams.

We love when teams come along in fancy dress. It adds colour to a day and helps us with team identification and so the scoring of the games. Examples shown here include themes such as “Super Hero’s” where the team has simply gone to eBay or Amazon and simply bought some costume attire (or gone to Primark for some Onesies), and other teams where a little more thought and inventiveness has been entered into.

Fancy Dress It's A Knockout teams

More Its A Knockout Teams.

Some teams just simply get specially printed t-shirts made (maybe with a company name on them), and some go way-overboard and create wild and wacky fancy dress along with Joker Cards, Mascots and themed gazebos. Little touches for costumes such as tutu’s, grass skirts, funny wigs and accessories are easy to add.

Fancy Dress It's A Knockout Teams

Fancy Dressed It’s A Knockout Teams.

The things to remember are…

1. It’s got to be functional, you’ll be climbing through inflatables and doing games.

2. No sharp edges please (sorry Pirate teams, but no swords).

3. No full face or full limb face-painting as it leaves coloured streaks on our It’s A Knockout inflatables (Sorry blue Smurf teams and yellow Minion teams).

For more team images and inspiration please visit our Flickr page.

A charity fund raising team

Team Gazebo Ideas

This blog follows on from an earlier one this year about Some fancy dress costume ideas for Its A Knockout teams. Another great idea for It’s A Knockout days is for the teams to bring a team gazebo with them to use as an HQ. This is great for a few reasons. Firstly, the teams have somewhere to place their bags etc. Secondly, if it rains, or it’s sunny and hot (fingers crossed), they have somewhere to shelter. And, thirdly, it adds a colourful spectacle for the day having an Olympic Village string of gazebos for the teams, especially if they are encouraged to decorate them as well, which is what this blog is now moving onto.

fancy-dressed gazebos

Some ideas for fancy-dressed team gazebos

Encouraging the teams to bring a gazebo that they fancy-dress up generates great pre-event team building as they will have to get together to discuss this along with their own fancy dress ideas. Usually, the two are combined as you can see from the images in this blog. It may be that a team dresses in grass skirts, call themselves “The Hawaii-5-0’s” and hang some bunting and balloons up around their gazebo. Or, maybe they go to town and make scenery and bring extra props to really give the gazebo a theme. We usually also give extra bonus points for the teams if they bring a team gazebo and dress it up.

Fancy-dress team gazebos

Some more fancy-dressed team gazebos

Some of the regular It’s A Knockout days we do for clients have turned into quite a competitive affair of trying to think up the best fancy dress and gazebo ideas. This adds to the team building element of such days. The ideas that our It’s A Knockout enjoy are if a team does a Great British Bake Off theme, because usually a lot of yummy cakes get offered to us as bribery ! (it doesn’t work, because we are impartial with the scoring of the games, but it’s always a nice gesture.)

team gazebo ideas

Team gazebo ideas for It’s A Knockout

Of course for charity fundraising events, an Olympic Village of fancy-dressed team gazebos is an excellent way to fill room free. One side of the It’s A knockout games arena can be used for the gazebo village which adds a really colourful display. Corporate teams can be told they can display their wears and company signs as well, giving them exposure as thanks for supporting the day. We hope that the images here have inspired some of the teams taking part in our It’s A Knockout events this year with ideas.

If you’re taking part in one of our It’s A Knockout’s this year, please send us photos’ of your fancy-dressed team gazebo, or upload it to our Facebook Page, we’d love to see them !


pirate fancy dress team

Some Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Its A Knockout Teams

Some fancy dress costume ideas for Its A Knockout teams for 2017 !

One thing that really adds some colour and fun to our It’s A Knockout’s is for the teams to fancy dress themselves for the occasion. As teams arrive for our days if the Knockout staff see a crowd of Pirates or Minions approaching we know we’re in for a fun days games. We introduced the fancy dress teams idea about 20 years ago and it does a couple of bonus things for the day.

fancy dressed teams

Some fancy dressed teams

First, it helps us with the scoring. “Pirates in lane one please, Minions in lane two and Brave Hearts in lane three” Another, is that it starts to hype the teams up before the day by making them get together and discuss and make costumes. We say “make”, but eBay tends to be the option for many teams looking for the quick fix or a trip to Primark for Onesie’s!

One thing to remember is no pins and sharp bits. So Pirates, you won’t be able to keep those swords on whilst doing the games, and the same goes for name tag pins or safety pins.

fancy dressed teams

More fancy dress teams

Here’s a list of the most common fancy dressed ideas. 118-118’s (above), Super Heroes, Pirates, Clowns, 80’s/Retro (get the dayglow tops out), Cops & Robbers, Nurses & Doctors (above), Baywatch (above), Where’s Wally..

Just remember, that you need to be able to take part in the games freely. It might tear clambering across the inflatables. And, it will get wet. As a team last year found out when they dressed as babies, complete with adult nappies, which then filled with water!

fancy dress teams

Fancy dress It’s A Knockout teams

One, extra thing. We do give extra It’s A Knockout points to the teams if they come in fancy dress. If you are attending a charity fundraising It’s A Knockout in 2017 ( maybe go to our Events Page ) get together and start brain storming now. For organisers, you can even suggest themes. Countries (Mad Mexican’s, Funny French, Jammy Jamaican’s) or Films (Gladiators, Keystone Cops, Marvel).

No doubt, we’ll add another post later this year with more fancy dress ideas from this years events.