Covid Secure

Making Our Games Covid Secure

It welcoming that much of our society has been given the opportunity to return to some definition of a new “normality”. Some sectors have been relativity unaffected, others destroyed for the foreseeable future. Whilst many use the phrase “we’re all in this together”, many have sailed the storm with the benefit of a bigger boat.

We are part of the events sector (which contributes £7b a year to the UK economy).  This outdoor events part of this has lost at least the whole of 2020. Not until well into 2021 will there be some return to working, and to what degree no one can yet predict.

Preparing for the future.

To help prepare for any easement, our staff have taken training in Covid and been reading up on the various pieces of guidance. We have been also researching methods of sanitisation and processes we will need to adopt.

Followers of Knockout Challenge will know that its owner Phil Pike, sits on the Amusement Device Safety Council (ADSC). This has relevance in that the inflatables we use for our games come under the guidance of HSG175 which is the same guidance that the theme parks and traveling fairs use.

The government set up 5 sector task forces to look into how the lock down could be eased by being Covid secure. However, specific guidance for traveling fairs including inflatables was not issued. We were invited by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to contribute by constructing this.

Phil Pike joined a cross-association initiative to write the covid guidance. This involved dealing with the Health & Safety Executive who are the enforcing body for non-compliance. The guidance was sent to HSE and DCMS for approval. It will also be used by local authorities and safety awareness groups for guidance.

Therefore, at Knockout Challenge we have the full idea of the virus, and what steps are needed to be able to operate inflatables in the covid climate.

Covid Risk Management

We have written a Covid Risk Assessment Management document to conform with the requirement to be covid-secure. This is available in the Client Part of our website.

Covid Secure Games.

Schools, colleges & universities have the greatest freedom to use our games for their days at the moment (they’re ideal for Fresher’s Week !). With the social distancing rule being scrapped for the likes of schools, we have already had many enquiries for such days in September. We have some great discounts available at the moment. Also by running split sessions with fewer numbers in each, the games can easily be ran as FUN and covid-secure.

Small private events and team building can also use our games in the knowledge that they are covid-secure. Our Mini Knockout is great for this. Once more, we have some great discounts at the moment for the tail-end of 2020. Please Contact Us for details

New website design

New Website On Its’ Way !

Please keep a watch out for our new website design ! To be announced soon, it has lots of great colourful images, ideas and information. Like our Knockout Challenge Facebook page to be fully informed when it’s live.

Bouncy Castle Safety

Bouncy Castle Safety

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Mum’s & Dad’s Guide to Bouncy Castle Safety

With the recent high-profile inflatable and bouncy castle accidents that have been in the news over the last couple of years in mind, Phil Pike (the Director of Knockout Challenge) via his involvement with the Amusement Devices Safety Council has written a short guide to help the general public ask and look for the right things when hiring inflatables and bouncy castles for the likes of school fetes, fundays and events.

Bouncy Castle Safety

Bouncy Castle Safety

Bouncy castles and inflatables in general are actually very safe (and of course fun) when used in the correct way by the right people supplying them and supervising them. There is lots of technical guidance out there mostly aimed at the supplier or hirer, but members of the general public may find it hard to understand the relevance of the guidelines and how they actually apply to them when they are booking a hire or siting an inflatable on the day.  So, the aim here to simplify it with a concise and easy to read “Mum’s & Dad’s Guide” to using them and also what to ask and look from an inflatable hire supplier and what to look for on the day and where to site it.

24 mph wind speed limit on all inflatables

Wind warning sign

This Guide will be a great quick source to keep on file of the underlying important points for the general public to refer to for “bouncy castles”. The headings include:

# How they are made.
# Installation.
# General condition of the inflatable.
# Anchor points.
# Wind speeds.
# Users & supervision.
# Certificates & Safety.
# The operator or supplier.
# Further reading & guidance.

At the moment the guide is currently available on the PTA+ Magazine website by clicking here:
>> Inflatable Hire Safety Article <<

For further safety information, please see our other blog: Inflatables & Safety At Events.