Indoor Events 2018

An “It’s A Knockout” isn’t just for the warmer summer months. We can also run the games for indoor events in the colder (or off season) months as well.

We still use usual mix of inflatables and dressing up games, the only noticeable difference being that in most cases (but not all) we can’t offer the water or bubble games of outdoor days.

Indoor Events.

This means that you can use one of our It’s A Knockout games packages for an indoor charity event, team building activity day or Christmas party, come rain or shine or coldness during those colder months.

Indoor Events 2018

Indoor Events 2018


Surprisingly, there are a variety of venues that are suitable for such days. Be it indoor sports venues, sports halls, leisure centres or even barns/warehouses! Some have even given us permission to use limited amounts of water meaning that we can still run our popular bubble-type games which everybody loves.

Indoor Events 2018

Indoor Events 2018

We are used to running our It’s A knockout games format on hard standing surfaces and in indoor venues so we have extra safety matting we can bring along to make sure any trips or falls have as less of an impact as possible.

An indoor knockout games can be used for small charity events, schools, colleges, universities, team building and employee reward days, Autumn/Winter parties and yes, Christmas Parties.

Indoor Events 2018

Indoor Events 2018

More Info?

Please Contact Us if you need any help sourcing a venue for an indoor event, or if you need further details, PDF games lists or just have some questions about an indoor It’s A Knockout day. The games we use though for indoor events tend to be versions of our Mini Knockout or Bronze Show because of the size restraints and height of venues.

Please also see last years Blog It’s A Christmas Knockout Party 2017


A fancy dressed team at a hospice charity day

It’s A Christmas Knockout Party 2017

An It’s A Knockout isn’t just for outside events in the “warmer” summer months, but can also be ran indoors and for example for a Knockout Christmas Party event as well. Still lots of fun, still using colourful inflatable obstacles and with dressing up games. The only thing missing is the wet/bubble games (obviously, but also read below*).

There are many indoor venues that are capable of accommodating an indoor It’s A Knockout giving a different type of Christmas party for works and also winter and indoor team building events. We can help you find a venue if you don’t have one in mind. Many can also offer food and extra entertainment, some even have accommodation on site making it excellent as part of a multi-day event.

indoor it's a knockout games for christmas party

Indoor Christmas It’s A Knockout’s

Sports halls, leisure centres, indoor sports venues (football/5-a-side/tennis/cricket), there are surprisingly quite a few around to choose from. Please let us know if you need help finding a venue.

Our main criteria for an indoor It’s A Knockout venue, is a step free access to the hall with parking directly outside the hall entrance (most have double-doors access outside), and a tall roof for our inflatables. An Astroturf surface (or similar) is also a nicer surface to play the games on.

* Earlier in this article, we said that indoor knockout’s usually can’t include the water and bubble games associated with outdoor events. However, we once ran a set of games at an indoor arena that permitted limited use of such (because they had a porous flooring) meaning that we could still run some of our bubble games.

indoor it's a knockout

Indoor It’s A Knockout

From 30 to 300 people, our games are great for an indoor Christmas It’s A Knockout event. Please browse our Packages Page to see the type of games we offer and then Contact Us to discuss which set of games best suits your requirements.


A fancy dressed team at a hospice charity day

Christmas Party 2014 Knockout Challenge

We know it’s only September and the sun is still shining, but Christmas is coming!

A Santa Team image

It’s A Knockout At Christmas

Why not organise a Christmas Knockout Challenge for your Christmas party 2014 – instead of the usual  ‘too much eating, too much drinking’ Christmas party.

Here at It’s A Knockout we’ve created the perfect indoor Knockout Challenge – competitive, fun, dry and warm! We think it’s a great way to create the right Christmas feeling and team spirit within a group. It’s the perfect alternative to awkward Christmas dinners, and a lot more fun too!

Our Knockout Christmas days can be run in sports halls, leisure centres, indoor football “domes” etc –  we can help you find a venue. Give us a call on 01245 328221 to chat about your company possibly holding a Knockout Challenge Christmas party.