Covid Secure games for School Activity Days

Our games can be ran covid secure for school activity and reward days.

As readers of our blogs across our three websites will know, we have instigated special cleaning programmes to make our games useable for school, college and university activity days. These measures include hand sanitising stations, cleaning schedules and staff training.

Our covid secure procedures

Covid Secure Schools Games

Government Guidance.

At Knockout Challenge, we keep ourselves up to date with the government guidance. More than that, Knockout Challenge director Phil Pike, through his association with the Amusement Devices Safety Council (ADSC), helped write the industry guidance for fairground industry. This guidance includes the use of inflatables.

We have constructed a special Covid Risk Management document which is available to customers. This has been also ran by HSE for comment to make sure that it covers all relevant and appropriate points. We have also crated a special covid advice page of our website for teams to help them understand the measures we have introduce.

Daily clean and periodic clean.

We have two types of cleaning programme for our inflatables and equipment. An initial daily clean followed by a periodic clean during the day as necessary. This is easier with school days as pupils are being kept in their year groups at present. More information about this can be found on our sister website

A School Covid Secure Games Day

Covid Secure Games

Formats & ideas

We have a number of ways to run the games to be covid secure compliant. One thing for sure though, is that the fun and excitement of the day hasn’t been affected. Whether our games are being used for a school activity day, or school/college reward day, an induction day or for a Fresher’s Week activity, rest assured that the students will have a great-great fun day or excitement and bonding.

Please Contact Us for further details.

Further Reading.

Please see the following pages for extra information:

Covid Secure Statement

Covid Secure

Bouncy Castle Safety

Bouncy Castle Safety

article header image saying bouncy castle safety

Mum’s & Dad’s Guide to Bouncy Castle Safety

With the recent high-profile inflatable and bouncy castle accidents that have been in the news over the last couple of years in mind, Phil Pike (the Director of Knockout Challenge) via his involvement with the Amusement Devices Safety Council has written a short guide to help the general public ask and look for the right things when hiring inflatables and bouncy castles for the likes of school fetes, fundays and events.

Bouncy Castle Safety

Bouncy Castle Safety

Bouncy castles and inflatables in general are actually very safe (and of course fun) when used in the correct way by the right people supplying them and supervising them. There is lots of technical guidance out there mostly aimed at the supplier or hirer, but members of the general public may find it hard to understand the relevance of the guidelines and how they actually apply to them when they are booking a hire or siting an inflatable on the day.  So, the aim here to simplify it with a concise and easy to read “Mum’s & Dad’s Guide” to using them and also what to ask and look from an inflatable hire supplier and what to look for on the day and where to site it.

24 mph wind speed limit on all inflatables

Wind warning sign

This Guide will be a great quick source to keep on file of the underlying important points for the general public to refer to for “bouncy castles”. The headings include:

# How they are made.
# Installation.
# General condition of the inflatable.
# Anchor points.
# Wind speeds.
# Users & supervision.
# Certificates & Safety.
# The operator or supplier.
# Further reading & guidance.

At the moment the guide is currently available on the PTA+ Magazine website by clicking here:
>> Inflatable Hire Safety Article <<

For further safety information, please see our other blog: Inflatables & Safety At Events.



The Kings Banquet It’s A Knockout game

Inflatables And Safety At Events

In this blog, we will be talking about the inflatables that we use on our It’s A knockout events. However, as we sometimes get asked about inflatables and safety in general, this will also touch on a few points for anyone hiring bouncy castles or obstacles and a brief explanation of the “Laws” (or official guidance) etc relating to inflatables in general.

Inflatable Obstacles & the “Law”

Our It’s A Knockout inflatables are made in the UK to a standard called BS EN 14960. This 54 page EN Standard sets out how inflatable play equipment should be made. It includes details of the materials to be used, the step up and down height for getting on and off them, potential falling off heights, a calculation for the number of anchor points to be included and a lot more such as wind speeds (which I’ll come to later), the angle at which the pegs or stakes to tie down should be hammered in at, plus the size of the stakes and the roping off a safety area around them.

bronze show inflatables

The Bronze Show inflatables arena

Before any inflatable is open to the public for the first time it should be subject to inspections and checks to confirm its design and manufacture comply with the requirements of the BS EN 14960 standard.

For operators and hirers, there is also a useful seven page guide called the Safe Use & Operation Of Inflatable Play Equipment, Including Bouncy Castles. It can be found at the ADIPS website. This guide was originally of HSE – Health & Safety Executive – origin and is still considered good guidance for the operators of inflatables.

The HSE also stipulates that all inflatables should be tested annually, see the HSE website for details. This, it says, should be carried out by a competent person. To satisfy that we have fulfilled our duty to this, our inflatables are ADIPS tested, the Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme. This is one of only two schemes recognized by HSE, the other being PIPA.

Our clients can go to the ADIPS website and “Check a DOC” – Declaration of Operational Compliance – to see if an inflatable has a valid test and can also see an image of the inflatable in question.  The annual test checks for, amongst other things, deterioration of the inflatable, the stitching of the panels, air loss (so it holds its “bounciness”), and the integrity of the anchor points.
Likewise, for bouncy castles registered with PIPA, a PIPA tag (or test) can be checked on their website. This is a reassuring process for clients and event organisers to able to independently check that a document hasn’t been fraudulently concocted.

Safety Mats

The EN Standard calls the area where safety mats (or sometimes called “Crash mats”) should be placed around an inflatable as an impact area. These are primarily identified as, but not exclusive to, intended entry and exit points. Our games are designed to predict a manner of participation from the Its A Knockout teams. This helps us to effectively risk manage the games. The EN standard states that at least a 1 inch mat be used, we use 1.5 inch ones for extra care. The inflatable manufacturer or inflatable tester may specifically advise the position of where mats should be placed. This would then be referred to in a Risk Assessment.

image of inflatables

Inflatables used at an event

Wind Speeds

People ask us whether the rain affects our It’s A Knockout days. Well no, not really, instead of us having to keep a slide wet for an It’s A Knockout game so people can slide down it, Mother Nature is doing it for us. However, wind is a problem. Inflatables made under the EN standard are safe up to Beaufort Scale 6 (which is 25 to 30 miles per hour). This is defined as “Large branches in motion. Whistling heard in telegraph wires. Umbrellas difficult to use”. At this point (25 mph) the use of all inflatables must stop.

We have wind meters on each set of games that we use to measure speeds. Our newest ones emit an alarm sound when the speed reaches 25 mph. At the beginning of each event, we point the wind-meter out to everyone present and explain its purpose. We also check the predicted wind speed online at the start of the day to see if wind will be a consideration.

Further advice and reading can be found on our About Us page.
Event organisers should also refer to the HSE website for Running an event safely.
Our clients can log-in to the Client Part of our website and view our Risk Assessments, Safety Certificates, Health & Safety Policy and Staff Training.

It’s A Knockout

An It’s A Knockout from Knockout Challenge Limited is a great spectacle attraction for events. Our games are fun and exciting and will make you event shine for the right reasons. Great for town & village shows, charity fundraising events, family days, festivals, corporate entertainment and team building. Please visit our Packages Page for details of the different sets of games we offer