The Kings Banquet Game

The Kings Banquet Game

For a bit of visual fun and enjoyment, watch a video of our Kings Banquet It’s A Knockout game from our Silver Show. The team in relay collect the pieces of Kings Banquet Cake for his birthday and reassemble (Velcro together) it at the end of our Maze Inflatable obstacle. It’s a great fun game, bashing and weaving back and forth through the course collecting the pieces.

There is a lucky twist at the end where we ask two of the team members to lift the completed cake aloft and deliver it back down and over the Maze Inflatable to finish the game. However, this isn’t as easy as it seems as you’ll see at the end of the video.

We like this game as it’s not set that the fastest or fittest team will win when the end-twist of delivering the cake a-loft is played out.

The Kings Banquet is just one of the eight games on a standard Silver Show Knockout. Click here to visit the page dedicated to this set of games. Plus also see our Silver Show blog article from 2018 for more pictures and info.

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